Hello! I'm Marta. I have a great passion for languages: I like the way each of them offers a different perspective on reality and influences those who speak it.


University of Milan, Milan, Italy
Master in “Promotion and Teaching Italian Language and Culture to Foreigners” (PROMOITALS)

University of Milan, Milan, Italy
Master's degree in Philology, Literature and History of Antiquity

University of Milan, Milan, Italy
Bachelor's degree in Humanities

English, Latin, Modern Greek and French

My love for languages was born out of my passion for antiquity, which encouraged me to study Classical Philology at university. Then I decided to attend a Master’s degree in the teaching of Italian as a second language while I was in Athens for a year-long voluntary project: at that time I was taking part in a Language Exchange Club, helping those who wanted to practice Italian. I realized just how much I loved my language and how enriching it could be teaching it.
During my experience as a language learner while I was studying Greek, it occurred to me that what I love in a language is the fact that everyone somehow has their own, that mirrors the life and the experiences of its speaker: becoming a teacher means to me – and has meant in recent years – to be able to share and help in shaping the language of my students.

As a teacher I start from the practical language needs of the students and then move on to their interests so that they can communicate in every situation and, why not, cultivate their passions in Italian, thus “living the language – always with a smile.

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